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Faculty of Philology:
Past and Present

The history of the Faculty of Philology is closely connected with the University of Kharkivs history for the former originates in 1804 i.e. a year of chartering the first higher educational establishment on the territory of the modern Eastern Ukraine.

The title itself Faculty of Philology has appeared not at once since lectures on philology subjects had been given at the University together with a course of lectures on history. In the beginning, 18051835, the students attended a philological section, then the Faculty of Philosophy which comprised the section till 1850, and up to 1919 the Faculty of History and Philosophy.

In the twenties and thirties of the 20th century the Faculty had varied titles and was known both as a literary section of the Social Sciences Institute of the Academy of Theoretical Knowledge, and as a literature and language section of the Social and Economics Branch of the Vocational Education Faculty of the Institute for Public Education. As a Faculty having two departments, of literature and of language, it became in 1933 but the name of Philology stuck to it in 1941.

The history of the Faculty linked to the names of outstanding scientists, pedagogues and writers. So, from the time of the University foundation among its rectors there were philologists I. Ryzhskyy, V.Ya. Dzhunkovskyy, I.Ya. Hulak-Artemovskyy, K.K. Foyht. At different periods the Faculty was headed by such brilliant personalities as I.S. Ryzhskyy, Kh. Rommel, P.P. Hulak-Artemovskyy, M.O. Lavrovskyy.

All of them had made quite a few good things for the developments of national Philological sciences. A particular valuable contribution to resolving problems in the history of Russian Philology appeared to be the works of I.S. Ryzhskyy, in of Slavic studies the inquiries of I.I. Sreznevskyy, who was the first scholar in Russia entitled as a Doctor of Slavic and Russian Philology, and inquiries of his disciple P.O. Lavrovskyy, the prominent historiographer..

The researches of I.I. Sreznevskyy, O.O. Potebnya, D.M. Ovsyanyko-Kulykovskyy in the field of Linguistics have become an acquirement of the world philological thought.

Among encyclopaedists there were such persons as a folklorist and ethnographer M. Sumtsov, experts on the history of ancient Greek and ancient Roman literatures I.Ya. Kroneberh, A.Y. Valytskyy, I.V. Netushyl, a connoisseur of World Literature O.I. Kyrpychnykov.

In the 20th century the Faculty associated with scientific and pedagogical activities of academicians O.I. Byletskyy (on the history of modern literature), L.A. Bulakhovskyy (on Linquistics) while their works have been appreciated both by national and foreign philology. It was in Kharkiv that a world-famous linguist, Honorary Doctorate of the Kharkivs University Yu.V. Shevelov had started his scientific work. Master classes given by M.F. Nakonechnyy, K.T. Nimchynov, O.V.Vetukhov, O.M. Fynkel, M.M. Bazhenov had played an important role in the development of Linguistics.

M.A. Plevako and A.P. Shamray were activists in providing such master classes on the history of modern literature.

The sphere of the master classes on the history of modern literature comprised subjects on the history and theory of literature, literary criticism, development and interaction of artistic and aesthetic systems, theory and practice of translation, regularities of world literary processes.



Scholars of the Faculty are contributing to the national and foreign newspapers, sourcebooks of all-Ukrainian and international conferences and yearly publish there up to 200 their works, they also have released monographs, dictionaries, encyclopaedias, reference books, text books for higher and general education schools more than thirty fife titles for the last several years

The Departments of the Faculty actively collaborate with domestic and foreign scientific centers namely: Shevchenko Institute of Literature on the National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine, the National University of Kyiv-Mohyla Academy, the Pushkin House (St. Petersburg, Russia), the Institute of World Literature (Moscow, Russia).

The Philology students taking part in regional and all-Ukrainian conferences, in the All-Ukrainian Olympiad in Ukrainian Language and Literature, in the All-Ukrainian Contest named after P. Yatsik of Ukrainian language connoisseurs, as well as in the regional and all-Ukrainian competitions of students scientific works have displayed a high standard of professional training.

There are an electronic information centre, a virtual library, an instructional film library set up in the Faculty, and two classrooms are equipped with up-to-date computers.

The todays Faculty is a powerful centre of the Humanities. The educational process is provided by highly experienced faculty members, with 11doctors of science as a part of them. The Faculty is headed by Doctor of Letters (Philology), Full Professor Yuriy M. Bezkhutryi

Among the lines of modern linguistics development there are problems of lexicology and phraseology, morphology, morphemics, word formation, onomastics, dialectology, the history of literary language, stylistics and language of an work of art, historical grammar, computer syntax and semantic, computer lexicography, etc.