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Our contacts:

Address: Svobody sq., 4, Kharkov, 61022

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Doctor of Letters (Philology), Full Professor
Yuriy M. Bezkhutryi
Phone:  707-54-44, Office: 2-36
Visiting days and hours: Mon. 12:00-14:00; Tues. 11:30-12:30

Deputy Dean for Tuition Organization
PhD (Philology), Associate Professor
Nina I. Gnoieva
Phone: 707-53-54, Office: 2-39
Visiting days and hours: Tues., Thurs. 13:30-15:00

Deputy Dean for Tuition Organization
PhD (Philology), Associate Professor
Yuriy I. Kohan
Visiting days and hours: Tues., Thurs. 13:30-15:00
Phone: 707-53-33, Office: 2-39

Deputy Dean for Research
PhD (Philology), Associate Professor
Mikola I. Filon
Phone: 707-54-58, Office: 6-77
Visiting days and hours: Mon., Wed., Fr. 14:00-16:00

Deputy Dean for Education
Assistant Professor
Irina R. Muradova
Phone: 707-52-10, Office: 2-32
Visiting days and hours: Mon., Tues. 14:00-15:00

Head of the Trade Union Bureau
Assistant Professor
Valentina V. Niemtseva
Visiting days and hours: Tues., 13:30-15:00
Phone: 707-53-57, Office: 6-88


About the School

The Faculty of Philology is one of the oldest in the University. The faculty wrote a brilliant page into the history of not only national but the world philology thanks to the findings of its alumni and employees who became famous scientists. These, first of all, are the research works by O. Potebnia, I. Srieznevsky, D. Ovsianyko-Kulykovsky, M. Sumtsov.

Nowadays among the members of staff we count 3 Members of Academy of Sciences for Higher Education of Ukraine, 12 Professors, 46 Assistant Professors, 50 lecturers. Postgraduate research and courses are available.

The faculty trains specialist in the 5 fields: The Ukrainian Language and Literature, The Russian Language and Literature, Applied Linguistics, Latin and Classical Greek, Antique Literature, Journalism. Besides, graduates with degrees in specialty Latin and Classic Greek, Antique Literature are qualified as Instructor in Ukrainian and Literature; graduates with degrees in The Russian Language and Literature to be awarded a qualification Copy editor. Graduates of the Division of the Ukrainian Language and Literature may acquire a qualification for Instructor of Ukrainian as a foreign language.

The cycle of fundamental and professionally-oriented subjects comprises: Introduction to Linguistics, General Linguistics, Introduction to Study of Literature, Theory of Literature, Introduction to Slavic Philology, Introduction to Classical Philology, History of Foreign Literature, Foreign Language (English, French, German), Computer Science.

We train specialist coming from foreign countries. The facultys excellent students obtain an enhanced stipend in the name of O.O. Potebnia, and V.N. Karazin.